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New Podcast Available On iTunes!

New Podcast Available On iTunes! Kyle & AJ from the band have launched a new podcast: "This Sucks (And You Suck For Liking It)" which tackles a broad variety of topics. Since we often veer away from band-related discussions we thought a re-launch was in order!

It's available to subscribe to on iTunes here: This Sucks (And You Suck For Liking It)

The Sole Pursuit Vinyl Now Available In These Fine Stores!

The Sole Pursuit Vinyl Now Available In These Fine Stores! The music of The Sole Pursuit is now being carried in
locations across the GTA and beyond.

Drop in and support these independent record stores!
Even if you already have our stuff, or just don't want it
(in which case why are you here?) they're all cool spots
worth a visit.

If you frequent a store that you'd like to see carry our
vinyl, get in touch with us and we'll make it happen.

Now Available At These Locations:

June Records

Archtop Cafe

Play De Record

Rotate This

She Said Boom

Sonic Boom


If you live too far away from these spots, or you just can't figure
out where the door is, you can always order online at our
Big Cartel Store.

The Sole Pursuit Holiday Special Out Now!

The Sole Pursuit Holiday Special Out Now! During the last few weeks of the year, the band started working on new material to follow up this year's Infinite Regress. Having just come back from playing 20+ dates across the country the band was feeling great about their chemistry and decided to have it documented. We brought in Joe Cash and Trauma TCL to set up some cameras and just let things happen. It turned out better than we hoped, and thus The Sole Pursuit Holiday Special was born.

Here are the guys in the band just creating music in their natural habitat, all in a room facing each other. Inspired by series such as Nigel Godrich's From The Basement (in particular the Radiohead King Of Limbs episode), this 40 minute video is a snapshot of the band running through both new material and old. In the case of some songs like 'The Depths Of Hell' the band is shown reworking the tune to better suit the live arena. There's also some goofing around and a couple improvised Christmas themed tunes- in case you thought we took all this too seriously.

So grab some eggnog and an ample supply of Toblerone bars and enjoy! Happy holidays from the band and all the best in 2016.

The Sole Pursuit (Kyle, AJ, Adam, Dylan)

Toronto, ON
Sneaky Dees
Hot Young Writers, The Horned
Oshawa , ON
The Atria
Toronto, ON
The Old Laurel
Hi-Fi Musical Adventure Festival - 11PM
Toronto, ON
Canadian Music Week 2016
Peterborough, ON
The Spill
Ottawa, ON
Live! On Elgin


It’s ironic that Infinite Regress, the latest LP from Toronto rock outfit The Sole Pursuit, is actually their most sonically progressive and least solitary release to date – and it’s all the better because of that.

Conceived as a creative outlet for frontman Kyle Dawe, The Sole Pursuit has swollen into something more communal and substantial, and Infinite Regress epitomizes that evolution. Infinite Regress was three years in the making – three rather trying and turbulent years at that. With a full album recorded and ready for release, a dispute with its producer led to a lengthy – and ultimately costly – conflict. “I really thought the band could be dead in the water,” Dawe admits, “but then I had the light bulb moment to just scrap it and do a new record altogether – something that better represented The Sole Pursuit at that particular time.”

And so in late 2014, Dawe and company entered the studio with producer Mike Langford (Sloan, Thornley, Crash Karma) to cut what would become Infinite Regress. The album builds on the sound established on the EPs preceding it, amping up the intensity and aggression in large part thanks to the struggles surrounding its creation. The result is a collection that’s more anthemic and accessible, but nonetheless boasting a depth of style and influence that borrows from everything from Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age to The Pixies and Vampire Weekend.

Lyrically, the songs are centred on conflict, as embodied by the record’s title. “That phrase just kind of summed it up,” Dawe offers. “It was that idea that no matter what you do, it always feels like you end up at the same place. With everything we’d gone through as a band, there was a dark humour in that title.” And though it’s a sombre sentiment, there’s something nonetheless empowering and uplifting about the way they translate through the band’s power and passion.

With a now cemented lineup consisting of Dawe, Perry, drummer Adam Hay and bassist Dylan Burrett, The Sole Pursuit is ready to not-so-solely pursue their ambitions. “We’re going out, we’re gonna tour, and we’re really gonna do this,” Dawe says with resolve. Whether it’s from the stereo or stage, The Sole Pursuit bleeds fervor and intensity. “We’ve faced plenty of struggle in this band already,” Dawe says, “but with all that’s been invested in this, we’re determined to make it work.”

If it’s true what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, then there’s nothing stopping The Sole Pursuit from pushing forward – together and with proven tenacity.

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